Land of wild nature

Montenegro is a land of dream shore, dark forest hunters, green and wild nature. It is a land of fascinating places and interesting Mediterranean architecture. Montenegro is a home of great food and laid-back people. Why to Montenegro? Montenegro name comes from the black forests that cover the mountain Lovćen. Budva represents the center of tourism in the country. It is known for its sandy beaches, its vibrant nightlife and beautiful Mediterranean architecture. Montenegro has 293 kilometers of coastline, 117 beaches and 73 kilometers of coastline. In the country live about 700,000 residents that enjoy an average of 240 sunny days a year. Boka Bay is the most beautiful Bay in the Montenegrin coast. In the year 1997 was a Boka Bay adopted by the Association for the most beautiful bays in the world. The countries residents should be among the highest in Europe. Men have an average height of 186 centimeters and women of 171 centimeters. In Montenegro you can enjoy a very good ham, fish specialties, cheeses, lamb, veal….. Also, red wines like Vranac and white wines like Krstac are especially good. St. Stefan was up to 1960 a small stone island with a fishing village. Today is the cosmopolitan resort, which is worth a visit.


Podgorica is capital city and official commercial and cultural centre of Montenegro. Its name dates back to 1326. Most of the city was destroyed during WW II. City is relatively new with modern buildings, green spaces and parks. Podgorica hosts a lot of cultural events. Cultural and historic monuments in and around Podgorica are Sahat-kula Adzi-pasa Osmanagica, the ruins of Nemanjica Grad, remnants of the city of Doclea, Stara Varos, and Vezirov. Podgorica has excellent transit connections with other centres.

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