We at Palma Travel are proud of our certificates of excellence:

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is a digital security certificate, which ensures the authenticity of the identity of the website, and simultaneously with the use of SSL, the technology encrypts all data transmitted between the website and its visitors. SSL certificate takes care of the security of data transmission.
The Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia hereby certifies that we meet the conditions for receiving certificates. The basis for the issuance is the credit rating, the above-average financial results and the regular monitoring of the COFACE Slovenia.
Trust and credibility today are rare features. As the holders of a certificate of prudential excellence, we are one of the few business entities that can boast of appreciation. And we can. This certificate confirms that we are a business entity that belongs to the highest class of prudential excellence in Slovenia. Business entities with prudential excellence AAA excellence have 91% chance of maintaining prudential excellence in the next year.
“Everyone claims they are the best, only some of them are,” they say in Superbrands Slovenia. Superbrand bearers can boast of: Quality It is a brand characterized by a constant investment in the development of your product or service and guarantees its quality. Differentiation This is a characteristic of well-known treasures in its category, which is significantly different from the competition and emphasizes the personality of that value, which makes it unique. Trust This feature has a brand that fulfills promises and maintains standards that communicate with your product or service.